“Was Gabo an Irishman?” Book Signing May 1, FILBo 2015

In Bogotá, a Spanish humanitarian worker attends a funeral without a body, as a storm of yellow butterflies swirls outside. In the jungle, an English anthropologist finds a tiny peace community fighting to preserve their way of life. And, somewhere in the Andes, an Australian coffee farmer confronts a guava-throwing witch in his tree. This collection brings together 26 personal essays by writers from across the world, all of whom have lived in Gabriel García Márquez’s homeland.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Poster for the book signing of: “Was Gabo an Irishman?”

For some, his words are the key to unlocking the enigma of Colombia. For others, living in the land of magic realism brings them a new understanding of his works. With magical rain, young lovers, grumpy old men, ghosts, conflict, politics, heartache, music, madness and more, these non-fiction stories are at once both singularly Colombian and universal in theme.


“Was Gabo an Irishman?” can be purchased on Amazon and is for sale in a number of bookstores in Bogotá. Some of the authors and all three editors will be attending the Bogotá Book Fair (21st April – May 4) and will be around to sign copies of the book store at the end of the “Macondo” pavilion on May 1 between 2pm and 4pm. Richard McColl is currently putting the finishing touches to the editorial of the Bradt Guide to Colombia, continues to broadcast weekly radio shows for Colombia Calling and is hoping to finish his own novel, “The Mompos Project” by the end of June.

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