Trauma on a Tuesday in Colombia


Las Aguas Transmilenio station in Bogota

Thousands of farmers and representatives of indigenous groups are marching in Bogota, the Transmilenio system has failed, elections have been bought with vast amount of cash in bribes passing hands, Gustavo Petro the leftist Mayor of the capital has been ousted undemocratically…it is a traumatic Tuesday.


the Transmilenio on the Caracas

Pollution continues unchecked, the environmental Transmilenio has yet to be introduced despite promises to the contrary, a friend is robbed in broad daylight, the police pay no attention to misdemeanors on the streets and apathy reigns supreme amongst voters with some 65 per cent preferring to abstain than vote in congressional elections. There is a feeling that change will never come with or without elections.


Donde Estan los Otros, Bogota

The bodies of two kidnapped policemen are discovered, striker Radamel Falcao’s recovery is speeding ahead in time for the World Cup, Medellin has no metro leaving commuters impotent, Santos wets himself in Barranquilla sparking worries about the state of his prostate, polls show Green Party candidate Penalosa as a viable presidential option and finally the vice president turns down his posting to Brazil citing canine difficulties.


a very manicured Bogota workman

And finally, we had to go wandering along the Avenida Caracas to search for necessary repairs to the Casa Amarilla‘s electrics, I cannot imagine how the people work in these open fronted shops with so much contaminated air and noise. My accountant telephones and informs me of yet another tax levied upon small business owners. The government may not do much in Colombia, but they are more than capable of creating stealth taxes. A trip to the DIAN is made and fees are paid in time. Before I forget, the electrician who was able to help us out on the Caracas, had the most extreme manicure I have ever witnessed on a man.

There has been plenty, perhaps too much, trauma on a Tuesday







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