Thumbs Up to Brazilian Graffiti

By no means is this the finished article but since we were only holidaying in the state of Bahia for 12 days early in 2014, I did manage to photograph some very artistic and interesting Brazilian graffiti in Salvador, Itacare and Trancoso.

So as a change from the politically charged Colombian graffiti that I have photographed in Bogota and Popayan in 2013, here is a nice break for you coming directly from Brazil.

graffiti brazil

These paintings were found in Salvador, Bahia alongside the Mercado Modelo and in the barrio of Barra. Nice artwork don’t you agree?

graffiti fish

Given the location, it’s no surprise that there are fish references in the graffiti. The first is from Salvador close to Pelourinho and the other one is from Itacare

praia triririca

These eyes are found on Praia Triririca in Bahia watching over the surfers. Look closely and you can see the reflections in the pupils.


Waiting for the bus from Itacare back to Salvador I was lucky enough to witness an artist at work on a wall at the back of the terminal.


Close to the lighthouse in Salvador, just in case!

Brazilian Graffiti

This selection of Brazilian graffiti can be found in Rio Vermelho, Barra and Itacare






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