This is the News from Colombia

New Colombia country slogan
“Colombia, the most welcoming place.”

This is the news from Colombia

Colombia Covid-19

Colombia registered more than 200 deaths from Covid-19 and 11,827 new cases in 24 hours indicating that the country is barrelling towards the “third phase of the pandemic.”

Once again, flailing in their attempts to contain the spread, the Colombian government has announced a renewal of certain quarantine and curfew measures.

With the news that the arrival of further Sinovac vaccines to Colombia is delayed, the Government has created a plan of action in order to continue vaccinations. Interestingly, photo opportunities of the president or his vice overseeing and celebrating the arrival of vaccines a El Dorado have been limited in recent weeks.

Colombia Economy

According to Alberto Carrasquilla of the Treasury, at the current rate, Colombia has but enough money in its coffers for an estimated six or seven weeks.

Coincidentally, Colombia’s perenially beleaguered president, Ivan Duque is pushing to have his version of a Reforma Tributaria (tax reform) creatively named: Transformación Social Sostenible (Social sustainable transformation), presented to Congress and approved.

Only a day after the Vice Minister of the Treasury announced that salt, sugar, coffee and chocolate were not “essential goods,” and that VAT would be increased, President Duque declared that there would be no increase in prices on these goods.

In a move to ensure that all Colombians are informed of the intricacies of the proposed tax reforms, President Duque met with Tomas Uribe (son of former president Alvaro Uribe and potential presidential hopeful) on Wednesday.

Unions are calling for a national general strike to protest the tax reforms on the 28th of April.

Other News

Indepaz – an entity which studies peace and development in Colombia – released the news that in the first three months of 2021, an estimated 15,000 people displaced from their homes and lands due to 65 violent events. Indepaz has warned that should the situation continue there could be up to 60,000 people displaced and as many as 150 violence events/ attacks causing these displacements.

Career politician and Foreign Minister Claudia Blum announced, alongside her counterpart, that Colombians would no longer require visas for travel to Morroco in a bilateral agreement intended to increase trade between the two nations.

Due to an “error” by the Comptroller’s office, disgraced former mayor of Bogotá, Samuel Moreno will no longer have to pay a fine of COP 173.908 million relating to problems arising from his “mismanagement” of the third phase of the construction of the city’s Transmilenio bendy bus system.

Confrontations between Venezuelan forces and the Frente 10 of the dissident FARC in the Venezuelan state of Apure have caused the displacement of more than 5000 people. The Colombian town of Arauquita has been the recipient of the displaced.

Colombia is the Most Welcoming Place! This is the new country slogan for Colombia revealed by ProColombia on Wednesday. “Colombia, el país más acogedor del mundo,” follows other memorable country brand efforts such as: Colombia es Pasión, Colombia es la respuesta, Colombia, el riesgo que te quieras quedar, Colombia, siente el ritmo amongst others.

the most welcoming place


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