This is London Calling! How Colombia Calling came to be…

A few questions have arisen of late, and it’s a pleasure to address them, of how the Colombia Calling podcast came into existence back in 2013 when it all began. Now’s as good as a time as any to keep on revealing some of the history surrounding Colombia Calling

Curiously enough, it all unfolded when I was sought out by a podcaster to be interviewed on his show, which focused on expats and their lifestyles overseas. On the back of that interview, a producer, based in Costa Rica at the time, then asked to speak to me and suggested that I might be interested in having my own show and it all spiralled out of control from that moment…


But, there’s a little bit more to it all than that as well. I had been feeling that my life in the journalism world had been winding down somewhat and that my other commitments, between the hotel (now hotels) in Mompós, my creative writing, starting a family and a desire to study further, were all now conflicting. Decisions needed to be taken and I was certain that I did not want to veer away from journalism entirely and so the podcast has proven an excellent way of maintaining my links to a field of expertise that I truly love. And at the same time, I could train my interests in other directions. 

The name: Colombia Calling 

The name “Colombia Calling,” came about in a two-fold manner, the first being the famous catchline to the BBC world service broadcasts from an earlier era. London Calling Europe always began with the familiar announcement “this is London calling”, which was followed by the stirring ‘Trumpet Voluntary’ by Purcell. The opening bars of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony were used as linking music – tying in with the V for Victory passive resistance campaign. It was essential listening during WW2. 

And secondly, of course, for my love of music by The Clash

Of course, the alliteration of the title of the podcast is attractive and the name itself leaves the suggestion out there and hanging that Colombia does call you back and call out to you. Hopefully, the name is appealing and leaves the feeling with the listener that he/ she can participate and have a say in the way that the podcast develops. 

Whatever the case, the name works, has stuck and it is easily recognisable as a type of brand. 

Stay tuned folks, next week I’ll tell you the tale of the intro music! Thank you again for listening, spreading the word and finally, for contributing to the campaign to grow and improve the Colombia Calling podcast. 

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