#21N, the strike as seen from Bogotá

Some thoughts on Bogotá’s #21N protests

Even Spiderman attendad #21N in Bogotá yesterday
  • #21N was an overwhelmingly peaceful march until some idiots tried to steal the narrative.
  • #21N matters as did the nighttime cacerolazo which took back the narrative from the violent agitators.
  • President Duque’s late night post #21N address was a response to violence and out of context, in particular for a government “which listens.”
  • Mayor Penalosa’s Friday morning press conference was a harrying cry for conspiracy theorists.
  • Protests will continue due to the government’s inability to respond with humility and understanding.
  • #21N protests in Bogotá may have drawn more than 800,000 people, although the police will say less and attendees will say more.
  • Creativity in the banners for the #21N was at an all-time high.
  • The violence on the Ave de Cali and Ave Suba were indicative of a deeper disenfranchisement of working class urbanites than “encapuchados,” from the Universidad Nacional.
  • The Colombian press is still failing to ask questions of their government as to why the protests took place.
  • Has Colombia woken up with #21N?
  • Over breakfast this morning, my four year old son asked for permission to join the demonstration today as his school has been cancelled once again.
  • There were violent agitators just as there were heavy-handed responses.
  • How can the government play this, one solution would be to pull to the centre, shuffle some of the Centro Democratico cabinet ministers and making good on promises.
Good spirits all washed down with aromatica
the puppeteer
Protesting the death of 18 minors in Caqueta
The CRIC flag
Marching with displaced people from the Pacific coast
Time to mambe
President Duque must regret his utterance
Nasa members marching
Nos reprimen
Hoy no tenemos miedo…..y mañana?
the tricolor
With the Sahumadoras, harmonizing the march
Pablo and Alvaro

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