Guest Post for “Talking About Colombia”

I was invited by former interviewee on Colombia Calling, Paula Delgado-Kling, to contribute a guest blog to her page Talking About Colombia and here’s the result. You can hear Paula’s interview about her book on child combatants in Colombia too if this piques your interest. It is highly recommended.


My guest post in Talking About Colombia

I should also mention that two time interviewee on the show, Vicki Kellaway will soon be launching her new book. You’ll find it in the stores in late April 2014 and for a taster, here’s an image of what the cover looks like. If you’re not familiar with her name, she’s the Banana Skin Flip Flop girl!


The soon to be released book by the Banana Skin Flip Flops girl, Vicki Kellaway


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