A Short List of Colombian Paradoxes

More than six million Colombians are internally displaced but the country mobilizes when 10,000+ are forced to leave the neighboring country of Venezuela. Colombia’s Attorney General Alejandro Ordóñez continues a campaign to dismiss Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro from this position despite only a few months remaining to his tenure. People will pick up their dog Read more about A Short List of Colombian Paradoxes[…]

Alvaro Uribe: the Complex Role of a Former President

Alvaro Uribe needs to settle down comfortably into his velvety sitting room slippers, dedicate his time to critiquing leather-bound copies of political discourse, walking his dogs on the finca(s) and lending his valid opinion to the center pages of illustrious publications belonging to international right wing think tanks. This image, almost a pastoral one, of Read more about Alvaro Uribe: the Complex Role of a Former President[…]

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