the Mompos Project

Chapter 1: The Mompós Project

So, in my quest for an editor/ agent/ publisher, I have gone ahead and published Chapter 1 of my novel on Medium. The working title at the moment, which will be familiar to readers of this blog, is of course: “The Mompós Project” and it’s hoped that through the great wide ether and all those Read more about Chapter 1: The Mompós Project[…]

the Accidental Journalist

The Accidental Journalist Richard McColl is a formally trained Anglo-Canadian journalist born and raised in London, England. His parents saw the importance in travel as education and his early years were punctuated with lengthy stints abroad for both vacation purposes and for employment. He has worked as an expedition guide through all of South America. Read more about the Accidental Journalist[…]

The End of Journalism…

…and the beginning of something new? Call it a midlife crisis (my birthday is approaching, send me a gift), call it a period of deep introspection, call it whatever you like, the long and short of it is that I have been a freelance journalist for 15 years and journalism as it is today is Read more about The End of Journalism…[…]

Who is really a Travel Writer?

Do you consider yourself a “travel writer”? I believe that it is high time to reassess the whole profession – or what remains of it – that is travel writing. Currently I am not reading anything listed under travel writing. I just cannot bring myself to slave over labored descriptions and hackneyed terms. Why the Read more about Who is really a Travel Writer?[…]

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