Some Travelers to Colombia are Plain Stupid

There are times when I wonder why we promote Colombia if the country is a destination for not only the intrepid and educated but also for the plain stupid. Those of us who dabble in travel journalism and blogging are engaged in a Sisyphean labor of such futility when all we can write about are Read more about Some Travelers to Colombia are Plain Stupid[…]

Colombia is Always a Holiday Destination

22 days into 2013 and thankfully we are now free of the ubiquitous articles in the mainstream press – advertorial fluff made to sell holidays – telling us where the Top 10, Top 7, Top 37 places we have to visit in the year are. And of course, in many of these lists, Colombia makes Read more about Colombia is Always a Holiday Destination[…]

Advice on Visiting Colombia

Visiting Colombia, land of hummingbirds, fabulous beaches, tropical fruit, beautiful women, coffee, emeralds and other products so beloved of guidebook blurbs and national tourism bureaus can be a daunting prospect and lead to an investigation rife with misinformation. Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay. Colombia, C-o-l-o-m-b-i-a (you have now been officially warned regarding Read more about Advice on Visiting Colombia[…]

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