Foreign Investment in Colombia

Another day and there’s yet another article in the Colombian press purring over the increase in foreign investment in Colombia. I find it very interesting to read these pieces and try and interpret the message behind the text. Clearly, Colombia is headed in the right direction and people are prepared to wager their dollars, yen, Read more about Foreign Investment in Colombia[…]

Kidnapping in Colombia: Out to Ruin Business

By kidnapping five foreign nationals the ELN is out to ruin business in Colombia. Two German pensioners traveling the world in their 4×4 have been held in captivity, kidnapped by the ELN guerrilla group, since November 2012. One Canadian and two Peruvians working for an international mining company were also captured by the ELN in Read more about Kidnapping in Colombia: Out to Ruin Business[…]

Colombia is Always a Holiday Destination

22 days into 2013 and thankfully we are now free of the ubiquitous articles in the mainstream press – advertorial fluff made to sell holidays – telling us where the Top 10, Top 7, Top 37 places we have to visit in the year are. And of course, in many of these lists, Colombia makes Read more about Colombia is Always a Holiday Destination[…]

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