Two Babies, very different, on one red-letter week in April

It truly has been a red-letter week. First I have been celebrating the birth of my son, who came into this world on April 9, and then the publication of my first (non guidebook) book entitled, “Was Gabo an Irishman?” Two very different events but both incredibly emotional and satisfying, you’ll agree. James wasn’t timed Read more about Two Babies, very different, on one red-letter week in April[…]

A Year of Transition

This will not be the final blog entry of the year but, as I reflect on the year that has been 2014, it is hard for me not to use a startling cliché, but it really has been a year of transition for me. When I think back of how the year started, I really Read more about A Year of Transition[…]

Update on my book, “The Mompos Project”

It took me the first six months of 2014 to actually open the file on my computer’s desktop and look over a couple of chapters of my book The Mompos Project. That’s just looking over it too mind, it was a week or so afterwards until I was able to start writing again. the market Read more about Update on my book, “The Mompos Project”[…]

Have I Experienced Problems in Mompos, Colombia?

Over dinner a few evenings ago, I was asked by a predominantly European crowd whether I had ever experienced any problems in Mompós from Colombia’s nefarious paramilitary groups that allegedly control the region. Rather than addressing this topic as something for a dinner conversation I largely evaded the question and deferred it to my wife Read more about Have I Experienced Problems in Mompos, Colombia?[…]

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