Colombian Revisionism

Gleaning what I can from the various media outlets which see fit to report, let alone publish, any news from the closely guarded dialogues taking place between the FARC and the government’s negotiators, I find myself returning to mull but one key question: “Was the only solution for the campesinado back in the late 1950s Read more about Colombian Revisionism[…]

It’s Almost March and I’m Just Getting Started with 2014

It seems almost unreasonable to say this, but it’s almost March and I’m just getting started in 2014. As most or some of you will have noted I have spent a great deal of time back in Mompos and ensuring that everything is moving ahead according to plan with the Casa Amarilla and my new Read more about It’s Almost March and I’m Just Getting Started with 2014[…]

Binding the city together: The City Paper

Complementing my first opinion piece in the City Paper, here is the second installment where I relate the importance of the contemporary graffiti/ urban art scene in Bogota in contributing to the sense of belonging for so long absent in the Colombian capital. As always, feedback and thoughts are much appreciated. Please read on.

A Different Look at Colombia: The City Paper

As my first installment as a columnist for the City Paper, Bogota I started out with a piece in November entitled: “A Different Look at Colombia” detailing some of the perennial issues affecting Colombia as we approach the madness that will inevitably surround the presidential elections here in 2014. Please read on and feel free Read more about A Different Look at Colombia: The City Paper[…]

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