Clean Shaven into Ecuador

My wake-up call was a gun muzzle to the neck. Drawing up at the Ecuadorian immigration post, several kilometers on from the Peruvian exit over parched wasteland, we cut an unruly unwashed rabble of Englishmen and a couple of Irish girls. Unshaven and having slept for a couple of days in my present clothes it Read more about Clean Shaven into Ecuador[…]

Enjoying the Magdalena River, Colombia’s Fluvial Route 66

Gushing, unstoppable and intrinsically linked to the creation of this country, the Rio Magdalena, Colombia’s most famous river essentially divides the country in half and makes for a varied itinerary along a course cut through its Andean spine. I guess if I could I would pen my fluvial inspired version and compilation of stories in Read more about Enjoying the Magdalena River, Colombia’s Fluvial Route 66[…]

City Hiking in Bogota

In what seems like an event from another lifetime, I decided, after staring too long at the ubiquitous railings that are so synonymous with New York’s fire escapes, to take an urban hike through that city. Donning my well-worn boots, I laced up and headed out of my tenement in Washington Heights and struck out south down the Read more about City Hiking in Bogota[…]

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