Beautiful Bogota or How I Came to Love the Smog

Something has to give in beautiful Bogota. The smog in this city now borders on the ludicrously dangerous. I have not looked for statistics on cases of juvenile asthma or other respiratory conditions, I’ll leave that to the experts in the Secretary of Health, but I bet numbers are sky-rocketing. Much is made of the Read more about Beautiful Bogota or How I Came to Love the Smog[…]

One Day in Bogota

You can see everything in one day in Bogota. No, I am not talking of a whistle-stop tour of the Candelaria taking in the Donacion Botero, the Museo del Oro, heading up for lunch in the Zona G, before shopping in the Zona Rosa and dining in Usaquen. I spent the whole of the day Read more about One Day in Bogota[…]

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