Distractionary Tactics in Colombia’s Presidential Elections

What if, this “polarization” between candidates Gustavo Petro on the left and Ivan Duque on the right is nothing more than a distractionary tactic in Colombia’s presidential elections to favour former vice president German Vargas Lleras? Of course, I love a good conspiracy and have most undoubtedly been wrong before, but, I am penning this Read more about Distractionary Tactics in Colombia’s Presidential Elections[…]

Could Antioquia become Colombia’s Quebec?

It’s impossible of course, but, the department of Antioquia seems so self-absorbed that it could foreseeably become Colombia’s version of Quebec. As the fight continues to the north in Canada all about a possible separation of Quebec from the rest of the country, one wonders that if one day there could be a similar political Read more about Could Antioquia become Colombia’s Quebec?[…]

Bogota vs. Medellin: The Eternal Debate

Which is the better city, Bogota or Medellin? There are two well-defined camps amongst visitors, expat residents and travellers when it comes to this long running debate. I am certain to ruffle some feathers, upset others and offend the rest and still be unable to come to a conclusion. As a resident of Bogota, but Read more about Bogota vs. Medellin: The Eternal Debate[…]

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