Bogotá Stereotype No.6: The Bogotano Plan Playa

Having just enjoyed or perhaps better said, participated in a truly Cachaco experience of the Plan Playa in Santa Marta, it almost feels that my targeting this Bogotá Stereotype No.6 is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. I suppose since I was in the company of my Colombian family and we fancied a day out Read more about Bogotá Stereotype No.6: The Bogotano Plan Playa[…]

the Accidental Journalist

The Accidental Journalist Richard McColl is a formally trained Anglo-Canadian journalist born and raised in London, England. His parents saw the importance in travel as education and his early years were punctuated with lengthy stints abroad for both vacation purposes and for employment. He has worked as an expedition guide through all of South America. Read more about the Accidental Journalist[…]

Know Your Hostelier: the Fair Trade well-read Traveller

The legitimate bum, a wayward soul who believes he is a beat poet on a higher plain will have an arsenal of tales to regale the crowd. And it is this traveller that strikes it out alone, often with a backpack, often with more reading material than clothes and with an idealist’s view of global Read more about Know Your Hostelier: the Fair Trade well-read Traveller[…]

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