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Yes I Live in Colombia. No, I’m not a Coke Fiend

One tires of the smirks, the knowing glances and the telltale finger tap to the side of the nose that inevitably greet your revelation in the pub in London that you live in Colombia. How incredibly dull to have to … Continue reading

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San Andres, Colombia’s Caribbean Package Tourism Destination

“You live in Bogota? How do you manage it? I have heard that in Bogota it gets so cold that sometimes smoke comes out of your mouth.” A conversation with a San Andresano. Time your flight into San Andres so … Continue reading

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Old Providence: the Perfect Caribbean Island cliche

Below us, the island came into view encircled by a brittle and protective ring of coral reefs made distinguishable by the white water ripping at the edges and creating a turquoise iris effect skirting the white sandy edges of the … Continue reading

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