Feeling it in Colombia: Doing Without

Of course right at this very moment, I am to be found in a process of and semi-permanent state of reflection and these words banged into my keyboard are reminiscent of a narrative stream of consciousness with potentially no beginning and certainly no ending. Unfortunately for you out there, James Joyce I am not. However, Read more about Feeling it in Colombia: Doing Without[…]

Flojera Total!

Last year’s blog post to start the 2014 was a lament at having sat around until March before getting stuck in to the year. Fortunately, things have started sooner this time around, perhaps due to various obligations and necessities which you would all be familiar with if you had listened to Episode 80 of Colombia Read more about Flojera Total![…]

A Return to Freelance

So, for those of you interested in what happened between me and the Colombian public sector, please read my latest Op Ed, A Return to Freelance for the City Paper. Inasmuch as I am sorely tempted to hang the Alcaldia out to dry and air a dozen intimate grievances with you, one for each of Read more about A Return to Freelance[…]

Bogota’s Saddest Park?

I walk my dog in Lourdes park several times a day as this is the closest stretch of green to my home, but, I am more than aware that this area may well win the accolade of being Bogotá’s saddest park. In every city there’s a dividing line between districts, rents and gentrification. Having lived Read more about Bogota’s Saddest Park?[…]

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