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The Real Heroes of Mompos

Much is made of my adopted home town with her Andaluz style architecture so delicately balanced parallel to the Brazo de Mompós branch of the Magdalena River, the bats swooping down low beneath street lamps as darkness falls, geckos scurrying … Continue reading

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And the Restoration of Mompós Continues

The second phase of Mompós’ restoration is now well underway and continuing work now extends all the way along the Albarada upriver from the Plaza de la Concepcion to the Casa Amarilla and passing the iconic Iglesia Santa Barbara. You’ll … Continue reading

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Pre Columbian remains found in Mompos

With the Plaza de la Concepcion under restoration in Mompos, it will hardly come as any surprise that during the excavations there have been some archeological finds of note. Given that the Mompos Depression hosted a major pre Columbian civilization … Continue reading

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