A Conversation with the Chatarrero

We stopped him in his van, walking as we were down to the neighbourhood bakery. Can you be at our address in 40 minutes? What have you got to sell? Plenty, I said, and a heavy iron object too. He seemed interested and promised to stop by. The Chatarrero would arrive an hour late, all Read more about A Conversation with the Chatarrero[…]

Head On Collision on the Carrera Septima, Bogota

Bogota’s traffic today was eternal, unmoving and riddled with accidents, but the most evocative sight I spied as I inched along the Carrera Septima towards downtown was this poor guy, head on resting against the back of a bus. In fact, I am actually pretty pleased I was bumper to bumper at this moment to Read more about Head On Collision on the Carrera Septima, Bogota[…]

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