How to Write about Colombia

Upon your descent into Bogotá, gaze fixedly at the countryside and squint carefully to see where the tracer bullets, aimed at downing your aircraft en route from the evil imperial power in the North, are coming from. If you are lucky, you might see a fully-fledged battle going on below between the Colombian military and Read more about How to Write about Colombia[…]

A Preview of the Graffiti at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica

There are times when one wonders if any students do indeed actually hit the books at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica. As a national public university, the alumni of this prestigious institution receive classes from some of the best teachers around. But, were you to wander around – as I did this Sunday – the Universidad Pedagógica’s Read more about A Preview of the Graffiti at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica[…]

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