El Negro Comanche: Bogota’s Ñero from Cali

The first I heard of Comanche was when I passed the Camara de Comercio building in Chapinero and saw a makeshift scaffold erected with the bust of a man on top. There he was, Comanche and his supposed date of birth and death. I searched around online and before long found the information I was Read more about El Negro Comanche: Bogota’s Ñero from Cali[…]

“To Medellinizar”

  To Medellinizar: verb (used with object) 1. To make a city or to make a city appear as violent and dangerous as the city of Medellin in its heyday of crime and murders in the 1980s and 1990s. 2. To make a city or to make a city appear as efficient, progressive and smooth Read more about “To Medellinizar”[…]

Take Pride in Bogota!

Bogota has so much going for it as a capital city in that it becomes so painfully frustrating to watch the slow pace of change. This is change that we crave. As a resident here I go through well documented moments of love and then utter hatred of the city. Presently the weather has been Read more about Take Pride in Bogota![…]

Bogota’s Transport: Indifference and Corruption.

On the back of an opinion piece I penned some days ago, I find myself wondering about the state of Bogota and what the future has in store for the Colombian capital. I mentioned that problems of noise contamination and pollution so frequently discussed in the mainstream media here are distinctly first world issues and Read more about Bogota’s Transport: Indifference and Corruption.[…]

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