Anti Uribe Graffiti

Looking through my files and photographs from almost ten years of wanderings of life here in Colombia, I came across a number of pieces of Anti Uribe graffiti. Here are a few for you to enjoy. I have not been out exploring recently, but I am sure there are more pieces of graffiti in the Read more about Anti Uribe Graffiti[…]

Disarray and Uncertainty in Colombia after Peace Deal Rejected

Top-level negotiations take centre-stage but the real victims remain in the countryside As Colombia stumbles from tumultuous fanfare on the international stage to national political disarray in the space of two weeks, the population is left mulling what could have been against an uncomfortable backdrop of uncertainty, polarization and an attitude of radical Pyrrhonism towards Read more about Disarray and Uncertainty in Colombia after Peace Deal Rejected[…]

The Fug of an Election in Colombia

Perfectly timed to generate the most impact as Colombians go to the polls to vote in elections for members of Congress and the Senate on March 9, protestors have been creating chaos in the streets of Bogota and around the city’s limping mass transport system the Transmilenio. Troubles peaked on Tuesday with scuffles between masked Read more about The Fug of an Election in Colombia[…]

Bogota vs. Medellin: The Eternal Debate

Which is the better city, Bogota or Medellin? There are two well-defined camps amongst visitors, expat residents and travellers when it comes to this long running debate. I am certain to ruffle some feathers, upset others and offend the rest and still be unable to come to a conclusion. As a resident of Bogota, but Read more about Bogota vs. Medellin: The Eternal Debate[…]

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