A Preview of the Graffiti at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica

There are times when one wonders if any students do indeed actually hit the books at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica. As a national public university, the alumni of this prestigious institution receive classes from some of the best teachers around. But, were you to wander around – as I did this Sunday – the Universidad Pedagógica’s Read more about A Preview of the Graffiti at Bogotá’s Universidad Pedagógica[…]

Colombia: Thought-Provoking, Inspiring and Worrying

Tomorrow I finish my Especializacion en Resolucion de Conflictos, a course pretty much the equivalent of an MA which has found me pouring over material about Colombia, inspiring me to continue writing, recording interviews and striving forward with projects here. But, that said, while I am excited for 2014 and what a new year brings Read more about Colombia: Thought-Provoking, Inspiring and Worrying[…]


Say no more, it’s all been said before courtesy of Pink Floyd’s the Wall I spotted this graffiti here in Bogota around the corner from my gym. It left me wondering whether it was some politically active commentator at work in this well-heeled district, or, simply a Pink Floyd fan armed with some spray paint. Read more about Mother…[…]

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