Latino America

For anyone who visits my blog, you will notice that I place quite a heavy emphasis on graffiti or street art. Inasmuch as I believe that the quality of music released during a time-frame is directly related to the political situation, so can one see a more obvious and blatant relationship between “protest” graffiti and Read more about Latino America[…]


Say no more, it’s all been said before courtesy of Pink Floyd’s the Wall I spotted this graffiti here in Bogota around the corner from my gym. It left me wondering whether it was some politically active commentator at work in this well-heeled district, or, simply a Pink Floyd fan armed with some spray paint. Read more about Mother…[…]

Graffiti in the ‘Hood

As a resident here in Bogota for going on 5 years I am remain amazed at the variety of graffiti found all about the city. A great deal can be linked to gang tags and basic vandalism, although most is political in nature and examples of this can be found on a post I created Read more about Graffiti in the ‘Hood[…]

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