Poster Art in Colombia

Much has been made about the graffiti on show in Bogota, and indeed I am party to this, but for once we should take a look at graffiti art’s impoverished sibling, Poster Art. Bogota, Medellin, Cali and all of Colombia’s major cities are layered the stuff, harking back to a period before online marketing and Read more about Poster Art in Colombia[…]

Punk Rock City Bogota

If ever there was a city more suited to being “punk rock” then it would be Bogota. Normally garlanded with praise as being the “Athens of South America” or “2600m closer to the stars”, take a step back and really look at this city, I mean, become the dirt beneath its nails, trip on the Read more about Punk Rock City Bogota[…]

Bogota, Graffiti Capital

With political machinery in full swing at the moment with the Government v FARC peace talks fast approaching in Cuba, the continual displeasure of students in the country and the lack of mobility in downtown Bogota, this has become a Graffiti Capital City. For those of us who consider ourselves to be observers of the Read more about Bogota, Graffiti Capital[…]

New Graffiti Spottings in Bogota: Revolucion!

Further graffiti sightings in Bogota are reinforcing the fact that this is fast becoming a destination in which to view urban art or graffiti. Tom Feiling makes reference to the captial’s graffiti in an article in the Guardian newspaper, I was able to publish something some years ago for Matador and I have heard that Read more about New Graffiti Spottings in Bogota: Revolucion![…]

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