El Negro Comanche: Bogota’s Ñero from Cali

The first I heard of Comanche was when I passed the Camara de Comercio building in Chapinero and saw a makeshift scaffold erected with the bust of a man on top. There he was, Comanche and his supposed date of birth and death. I searched around online and before long found the information I was Read more about El Negro Comanche: Bogota’s Ñero from Cali[…]

Trauma on a Tuesday in Colombia

Thousands of farmers and representatives of indigenous groups are marching in Bogota, the Transmilenio system has failed, elections have been bought with vast amount of cash in bribes passing hands, Gustavo Petro the leftist Mayor of the capital has been ousted undemocratically…it is a traumatic Tuesday. Pollution continues unchecked, the environmental Transmilenio has yet to Read more about Trauma on a Tuesday in Colombia[…]

Photos from Bogota – March for Peace

Bogota continues to surprise me and I shot some photos today as I enjoyed the sun, the Sunday ciclovia and areas around Chapinero and the Macarena. The creativity, the politics and the artistry that perhaps goes unnoticed by many as they bustle hurriedly from work and home again. Bogota is a phenomenal location to photograph, Read more about Photos from Bogota – March for Peace[…]

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