One Day in Bogota

You can see everything in one day in Bogota. No, I am not talking of a whistle-stop tour of the Candelaria taking in the Donacion Botero, the Museo del Oro, heading up for lunch in the Zona G, before shopping in the Zona Rosa and dining in Usaquen. I spent the whole of the day Read more about One Day in Bogota[…]

Bogota, a Capital City in Beta Mode

According to reports published in Colombia’s national newspaper El Tiempo, the Copeton, an emblem, measuring but 14cm in length, of the capital city Bogota is fleeing for more tranquil climes. Noise levels, so harmful to the Zonotrichia capensis or Rufous-collared sparrow are soaring out of control into a cacophony of car horns, sirens and jackhammers. Read more about Bogota, a Capital City in Beta Mode[…]

Bogota’s Transport: Indifference and Corruption.

On the back of an opinion piece I penned some days ago, I find myself wondering about the state of Bogota and what the future has in store for the Colombian capital. I mentioned that problems of noise contamination and pollution so frequently discussed in the mainstream media here are distinctly first world issues and Read more about Bogota’s Transport: Indifference and Corruption.[…]

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