Apparently Colombia Won Something last night

Apparently Colombia won something last night. This is an image (shot from way at the back of the convention center) from the Miss Colombia pageant I attended all those years ago in Cartagena. You know the one: “Man with man with woman with man with woman with woman,” the infamous response by Miss Antioquia. And Read more about Apparently Colombia Won Something last night[…]

Advice on Visiting Colombia

Visiting Colombia, land of hummingbirds, fabulous beaches, tropical fruit, beautiful women, coffee, emeralds and other products so beloved of guidebook blurbs and national tourism bureaus can be a daunting prospect and lead to an investigation rife with misinformation. Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay. Colombia, C-o-l-o-m-b-i-a (you have now been officially warned regarding Read more about Advice on Visiting Colombia[…]

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