Risking Lives: Entrapment and Lies by Colombia’s Septimo Dia

Since the news show Septimo Dia aired their broadcast on August 31 entitled “Turismo sin límites: sexo, droga y peligro” my rebuttal of the episode has been incredibly popular in the blogosphere, but I am now able to follow-up that piece of personal indignation, with some facts that have been brought forward by two of Read more about Risking Lives: Entrapment and Lies by Colombia’s Septimo Dia[…]

I’m not going to bitch about Medellin

No, I am not going to bitch about Medellin, or Bogotá for that matter. I am going to post a series of observations illustrated with photographs and then ask some questions. Hopefully, this way I can protect myself from those who feel strongly, either way, about these cities. To rescue Bogotá, we need innovation (see Read more about I’m not going to bitch about Medellin[…]

International Smear Campaign on Medellin?

In March 2013 the Colombian second city of Medellin was being lauded and garlanded due to her recent accolade as “the world’s most innovative city”. Eight months later and it is as if the city of eternal springtime is suffering at the hands of an international smear campaign led by the world’s media. What has Read more about International Smear Campaign on Medellin?[…]

Could Antioquia become Colombia’s Quebec?

It’s impossible of course, but, the department of Antioquia seems so self-absorbed that it could foreseeably become Colombia’s version of Quebec. As the fight continues to the north in Canada all about a possible separation of Quebec from the rest of the country, one wonders that if one day there could be a similar political Read more about Could Antioquia become Colombia’s Quebec?[…]

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