Travel Karma: the Pig’s Head

I lay there, individually unable to move but shuddering violently and uncontrollably from the fever. The light flickered above my head once again and with resentment I acknowledged the beginning of another day. The Doctor had jammed the needle into my arm five minutes earlier today plunging whatever it was into my arm that was Read more about Travel Karma: the Pig’s Head[…]

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Hate me if you will as I type these words, but as I exited the hot tub – muscles relaxed – on the deck (of our upgraded room with all the toys) my Ipod shuffled to a song to which I hadn’t listened in years and it reminded me that I had returned to the Read more about Returning to the Scene of the Crime[…]

My Son, Are you a Catholic? Confessions of a Malarial Carrier

I knew things were bad, but coming to from yet another bout of fever, with chills, sweating, exhaustion, headaches and explosive muscular pains to see a priest at the foot of my bed did nothing to still the fissures in my long suffering mental stability. “My son, are you Catholic?” Nerves already frayed to threads, Read more about My Son, Are you a Catholic? Confessions of a Malarial Carrier[…]

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