Have I Experienced Problems in Mompos, Colombia?

Over dinner a few evenings ago, I was asked by a predominantly European crowd whether I had ever experienced any problems in Mompós from Colombia’s nefarious paramilitary groups that allegedly control the region. Rather than addressing this topic as something for a dinner conversation I largely evaded the question and deferred it to my wife Read more about Have I Experienced Problems in Mompos, Colombia?[…]

How Corrupt is Colombia?

How corrupt is Colombia? It’s almost a throwaway question. Those of us living here are continually hearing about the corruption in the country and how it continues to stifle growth, businesses, progress, public works, politics, in fact just about every facet of Colombian life. Transparency International, the worldwide body promoting transparency, accountability and integrity at Read more about How Corrupt is Colombia?[…]

Magangue, Bolivar: Home to La Gata

As the second largest economic centre in the department of Bolivar, Magangue is a bustling, chaotic, stifling and confusing city on the banks of the Magdalena River. Economically important for the fluvial connections into the wetlands of the Mojana and the Depresion Momposina, Magangue bears the traditional hallmarks of a port town. I have passed Read more about Magangue, Bolivar: Home to La Gata[…]

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