Shoe Shiners in Lourdes Park

You can stroll through the paved side of Lourdes Park where the iconic church faces the Carrera 13 and with the exception of those shining shoes or selling mobile phone minutes, at any point within 50 yards in every direction from where you stand, people will be busying themselves in doing nothing at all. Today Read more about Shoe Shiners in Lourdes Park[…]

Bomb in Lourdes Park

There’s nothing like it. I have felt earthquakes, lived through a mild volcanic eruption, hurricanes and other natural phenomena, but, until you have felt the rush of air, until your windows have momentarily looked as they were bending, the pressure rattles your core and your building shakes, do you know what it’s like to feel Read more about Bomb in Lourdes Park[…]

Bogota’s Saddest Park?

I walk my dog in Lourdes park several times a day as this is the closest stretch of green to my home, but, I am more than aware that this area may well win the accolade of being Bogotá’s saddest park. In every city there’s a dividing line between districts, rents and gentrification. Having lived Read more about Bogota’s Saddest Park?[…]

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