Jumping from the Tree

With temperatures routinely tipping the mercury to 35 degrees well into the evening in Mompos, it comes as no surprise that some take to jumping from the trees into the river to cool down. Were I not closer to 40 than 30 I may just have participated on one occasion or two, but then I Read more about Jumping from the Tree[…]

The Frustration of a Colombia Moment

I am thinking of slapping a copyright on and registering the phrase “Colombia Moment”. Over the years perhaps my recognition of Colombia Moments is waning as I become more acclimatized and jaded? I hope not, principally because I expect to be able to behave like a law-abiding and sane citizen should I move abroad again. Read more about The Frustration of a Colombia Moment[…]

The Mompos to Bogota Oddyssey

All too often I am found writing about Colombia’s poor infrastructure and with a particular reference to my travels in and around the region of Mompos, but, this last journey back to Bogota was nothing short of an Odyssey. This journey was so unusually stressful and demanding that I recorded it in photos and am Read more about The Mompos to Bogota Oddyssey[…]

The Arrival of the Obnoxious Mochileras

Seated in the kiosko, deafened by the endless battle of two speakers blasting two different and equally grating strains of Vallenato music, I could see my manager Carmen gesticulating in exasperation to two recently arrived mochileras. From my vantage point some 60m from the front door of the Casa Amarilla I could see but remained Read more about The Arrival of the Obnoxious Mochileras[…]

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