Villavicencio: the Finca Paradise

It’s taken eight years of living here in Colombia to finally get down to the Llanos Orientales and Villavicencio. Really, this is shameful given Villavicencio’s proximity to Bogotá along a serpentine highway descent from the altiplano leaving the capital via Usme and then reaching la Puerta al Llano roughly two hours later. In truth it’s Read more about Villavicencio: the Finca Paradise[…]

My Colombia Book: The Mompós Project

I’m going to write a book about my experiences in Colombia and it’s tentatively entitled “the Mompós Project”. Of course, I may fail abysmally and just let this new endeavor fall by the wayside as I search for paying journalism, after all, I need to pay the bills. But, for those who visit this blog, Read more about My Colombia Book: The Mompós Project[…]

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