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Vice Magazine Launches in Colombia

So Vice magazine has been launched in Colombia and Volume 1 can be found for free in various watering holes, locations deemed sufficiently hip or appropriate and restaurants about the capital. And of course, semantics aside, the idea is to … Continue reading

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Who is Reporting the News in Colombia?

Believe it or not I am a creature of habit and my daily routine here in Colombia is to have the news switched on first thing every morning as I brew my coffee and prepare to walk the dog. It … Continue reading

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As I wrote elsewhere, 2012 is going to present challenges on all fronts. Challenges to maintain, increase and better the income and quality provided in the Casa Amarilla, challenges to get back into journalism despite the disappearance of a magazine … Continue reading

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Editorial Quest

And so, 2012. Kick out the jams, strip away the chaff of daily writing routines and commitments to try and aim for something more permanent, something more economically and intellectually rewarding. But, of course, this doesn’t pay. The idea of … Continue reading

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