Leaving Bogota for the Costa

I failed this time around and managed to claw free of my covers and depart Bogota around 1030am rather than the proposed 4.30am. Cursing the traffic that I knew would appear, cursing locking myself out of the apartment for half an hour, cursing the 14 hour journey ahead of me…in retrospect everything fell into place Read more about Leaving Bogota for the Costa[…]

15 Hours of Danger Driving in Colombia

How many people can claim to have driven 15 and a half hours straight – on Colombian roads of terror – have killed a chicken and arrived at their destination in one piece and sound of mind? I for one have chalked this experience up as an adventure in survival driving. The journey from Bogota Read more about 15 Hours of Danger Driving in Colombia[…]

Enjoying the Magdalena River, Colombia’s Fluvial Route 66

Gushing, unstoppable and intrinsically linked to the creation of this country, the Rio Magdalena, Colombia’s most famous river essentially divides the country in half and makes for a varied itinerary along a course cut through its Andean spine. I guess if I could I would pen my fluvial inspired version and compilation of stories in Read more about Enjoying the Magdalena River, Colombia’s Fluvial Route 66[…]

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