Reclaiming Bogotá’s Sabana Train Station

Exciting times for Bogotá’s Sabana Train Station, potentially, should plans be approved for an inclusive, cultural, educational and recreational space in what was the Puerto Seco of the Colombian capital. If you are not familiar with the columns of the neoclassical facade of the Sabana Train Station (built in 1917 by the Englishman William Lidstone), Read more about Reclaiming Bogotá’s Sabana Train Station[…]

Sunday Morning Portrait of Bogota’s Avenida Caracas

Days of the week don’t carry any significance before 7am on the Avenida Caracas. Steel shutters are firmly down, padlocks in place, perhaps the only change seen is in the people and the new gangland tags, scrawled and skewed onto private property. The Avenida Caracas, once a regal boulevard of mansions and opulence, is today Read more about Sunday Morning Portrait of Bogota’s Avenida Caracas[…]

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