A Portrait of Homelessness in Bogota

After eight years of residing in a city does one become so accustomed to the in-your-face-reality of homelessness that you no longer see it? Homelessness in Bogota is everywhere, the less fortunate are all around and are as important to the fabric of this city as the ubiquitous lottery salesmen outside your nearest supermarket, the Read more about A Portrait of Homelessness in Bogota[…]

Homelessness and Addiction on Every Corner in Bogota

Enough is enough and I have decided to try to catalogue homelessness and addiction that surrounds us everywhere and in every neighbourhood here in Bogotá. As regular visitors to this blog will know, I am regularly out walking my dog through Lourdes Park and around this area of Chapinero and so, am exposed to a Read more about Homelessness and Addiction on Every Corner in Bogota[…]

Bogota’s Saddest Park?

I walk my dog in Lourdes park several times a day as this is the closest stretch of green to my home, but, I am more than aware that this area may well win the accolade of being Bogotá’s saddest park. In every city there’s a dividing line between districts, rents and gentrification. Having lived Read more about Bogota’s Saddest Park?[…]

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