Reclaiming my Hike in Bogota

Bound, one gentleman pistol-whipped, threatened with death, more than a dozen hikers were mugged at gunpoint on my favourite hike in Bogota a few weeks ago. My immediate reaction was to campaign to reclaim this hike up the Quebrada la Vieja from the thugs that threatened to wrest it from us through force and intimidation. Read more about Reclaiming my Hike in Bogota[…]

City Hiking in Bogota

In what seems like an event from another lifetime, I decided, after staring too long at the ubiquitous railings that are so synonymous with New York’s fire escapes, to take an urban hike through that city. Donning my well-worn boots, I laced up and headed out of my tenement in Washington Heights and struck out south down the Read more about City Hiking in Bogota[…]

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