Reminded of London

I spotted this act of vandalism the other day and it took me right back to circa 1996 and reminded me of life in London. Sometimes there is graffiti and humour so crass and unimaginative that it positively cries out to be shared. So, when I spotted this on a signpost yesterday in Chapinero, I Read more about Reminded of London[…]

Punk Rock City Bogota

If ever there was a city more suited to being “punk rock” then it would be Bogota. Normally garlanded with praise as being the “Athens of South America” or “2600m closer to the stars”, take a step back and really look at this city, I mean, become the dirt beneath its nails, trip on the Read more about Punk Rock City Bogota[…]

One Day in Bogota

You can see everything in one day in Bogota. No, I am not talking of a whistle-stop tour of the Candelaria taking in the Donacion Botero, the Museo del Oro, heading up for lunch in the Zona G, before shopping in the Zona Rosa and dining in Usaquen. I spent the whole of the day Read more about One Day in Bogota[…]

Bogota, Graffiti Capital

With political machinery in full swing at the moment with the Government v FARC peace talks fast approaching in Cuba, the continual displeasure of students in the country and the lack of mobility in downtown Bogota, this has become a Graffiti Capital City. For those of us who consider ourselves to be observers of the Read more about Bogota, Graffiti Capital[…]

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