When Has Colombia Ever Been Normal?

I have just completed a fortnight’s trip as an “enrichment guide” for a UK-based travel outfit in the company of citizens from the UK and the US, and as always, I was required to respond to some of the more pressing questions about life as an expat in Colombia. It’s an interesting situation and I Read more about When Has Colombia Ever Been Normal?[…]

Top Experiences in Bogotá: Experimenting with Tear Gas

Should you spend any substantial amount of time in Bogotá, you’ll doubtless be stuck in a traffic jam at one point or another either near to the Carrera Septima downtown, alongside the Calle 72 close to the Universidad Pedagogica or along the NQS 30 by the Universidad Nacional…in which case, get ready to enjoy some Read more about Top Experiences in Bogotá: Experimenting with Tear Gas[…]

The Sentry

You could see that he was bored. It was clear that anything was going to be more interesting than what he was currently doing. So, I struck up a conversation with the Military Policeman at that moment on sentry duty three buildings down from the residence of the Colombian Minister of Defense in Rosales. He Read more about The Sentry[…]

The Key to Peace in Colombia: Paz Territorial?

The blogs are coming thick and fast at the moment, but, given the circumstances in Colombia there is good reason for this. Peace dialogues with the FARC, exploratory talks agreed with the ELN and the presidential elections on Sunday, just to name three. So, this morning at the Hotel Tequendama, those present were privy to Read more about The Key to Peace in Colombia: Paz Territorial?[…]

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