A Bleeding Puente in Pacho

“You bleed too much,” said my doctor as she stitched up my hand in the Emergency room of the San Rafael Hospital in Pacho, Cundinamarca. I had arrived just 20 minutes previously, making the 80km journey from Bogota in good time. All I wanted was to kick back with a cold beer, forget the stresses Read more about A Bleeding Puente in Pacho[…]

Have I Experienced Problems in Mompos, Colombia?

Over dinner a few evenings ago, I was asked by a predominantly European crowd whether I had ever experienced any problems in Mompós from Colombia’s nefarious paramilitary groups that allegedly control the region. Rather than addressing this topic as something for a dinner conversation I largely evaded the question and deferred it to my wife Read more about Have I Experienced Problems in Mompos, Colombia?[…]

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