Colombian Revisionism

Gleaning what I can from the various media outlets which see fit to report, let alone publish, any news from the closely guarded dialogues taking place between the FARC and the government’s negotiators, I find myself returning to mull but one key question: “Was the only solution for the campesinado back in the late 1950s Read more about Colombian Revisionism[…]

Kidnapping in Colombia: Out to Ruin Business

By kidnapping five foreign nationals the ELN is out to ruin business in Colombia. Two German pensioners traveling the world in their 4×4 have been held in captivity, kidnapped by the ELN guerrilla group, since November 2012. One Canadian and two Peruvians working for an international mining company were also captured by the ELN in Read more about Kidnapping in Colombia: Out to Ruin Business[…]

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