Photos from Bogota – March for Peace

Bogota continues to surprise me and I shot some photos today as I enjoyed the sun, the Sunday ciclovia and areas around Chapinero and the Macarena. The creativity, the politics and the artistry that perhaps goes unnoticed by many as they bustle hurriedly from work and home again. Bogota is a phenomenal location to photograph, Read more about Photos from Bogota – March for Peace[…]

A Guide to Demonstrations in Bogota

Yesterday a demonstration passed beneath the windows of my apartment in Bogota along the Carrera 7 and I did not even rouse from my siesta. Yup, I’ve gone local. There are demonstrations and there are demonstrations here and well, I had no forewarning as to what this one was about so I wasn’t going to Read more about A Guide to Demonstrations in Bogota[…]

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