Top Experiences in Bogotá: Experimenting with Tear Gas

Should you spend any substantial amount of time in Bogotá, you’ll doubtless be stuck in a traffic jam at one point or another either near to the Carrera Septima downtown, alongside the Calle 72 close to the Universidad Pedagogica or along the NQS 30 by the Universidad Nacional…in which case, get ready to enjoy some Read more about Top Experiences in Bogotá: Experimenting with Tear Gas[…]

Punk Rock City Bogota

If ever there was a city more suited to being “punk rock” then it would be Bogota. Normally garlanded with praise as being the “Athens of South America” or “2600m closer to the stars”, take a step back and really look at this city, I mean, become the dirt beneath its nails, trip on the Read more about Punk Rock City Bogota[…]

A Guide to Demonstrations in Bogota

Yesterday a demonstration passed beneath the windows of my apartment in Bogota along the Carrera 7 and I did not even rouse from my siesta. Yup, I’ve gone local. There are demonstrations and there are demonstrations here and well, I had no forewarning as to what this one was about so I wasn’t going to Read more about A Guide to Demonstrations in Bogota[…]

Take Pride in Bogota!

Bogota has so much going for it as a capital city in that it becomes so painfully frustrating to watch the slow pace of change. This is change that we crave. As a resident here I go through well documented moments of love and then utter hatred of the city. Presently the weather has been Read more about Take Pride in Bogota![…]

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