The Bogotá Graffiti Auction

Followers of my ruminations here will be well aware of my keen appreciation of the Bogotá graffiti scene. In fact, one of the earliest interviews I recorded for the Colombia Calling podcast brought together two graffiti artists, Crisp and DJLu and resulted in a fascinating discussion about the street art world and its significance. So, Read more about The Bogotá Graffiti Auction[…]

Julian Assange Meets Crisp: More Street Art in Bogota

Zipping along the Avenida Caracas (crack ass) in Chapinero, Bogota a few months ago a new set of graffiti murals struck my eye as I headed south from Calle 60, no, I was not mistaken, there he was, Julian Assange. How amazing to see a nondescript wall in the pet shop district painted with such Read more about Julian Assange Meets Crisp: More Street Art in Bogota[…]

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