La Paz

Ten Years in Colombia

It’s more or less ten years to the day from when I stepped off the plane having decided to move my life to Colombia. It had been a rollercoaster ride up until this point, near death experiences, the life of a freelance vagabond and journeyman journalist and plenty of tall tales to share over a Read more about Ten Years in Colombia[…]

Colombian Revisionism

Gleaning what I can from the various media outlets which see fit to report, let alone publish, any news from the closely guarded dialogues taking place between the FARC and the government’s negotiators, I find myself returning to mull but one key question: “Was the only solution for the campesinado back in the late 1950s Read more about Colombian Revisionism[…]

The Revolution has Evolved in Colombia

The mist is low over the mountains and as the rain falls in Bogotá, the weather appears to reflect my feelings about the current scandals and political situation in Colombia. I’ve been scouring the news since 5.30am and despite being a news junky there is so little broadcast to really suggest the miasma of trouble Read more about The Revolution has Evolved in Colombia[…]

When Trip to Santa Marta Becomes a Journalist’s Ethical Nightmare

I started the week thinking that this post was going to be all about a business visit to Santa Marta, a promotion of my hotel among other business owners and a reflection of how Santa Marta and the nearby seaside village of Taganga have changed in the years since I was first here. Events unfolded Read more about When Trip to Santa Marta Becomes a Journalist’s Ethical Nightmare[…]

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