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Six Days and Counting

Six days and counting, that’s what it says on the huge digital and illuminated Zuluaga stopwatch placed on his campaign headquarters in Chapinero, Bogotá. Six Days and counting until the electorate (hopefully more than those who deemed it appropriate in … Continue reading

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Scandals on the Colombian Presidential Campaign Trail

Scandals and inappropriate behaviour everywhere you turn on the campaign trail for the presidential elections. The order of the candidates is in no way significant or relevant to my own politics, just how each event came to me and an … Continue reading

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Salaciously Delicious Smear Campaign: The Colombian Presidential Elections

Can you believe this run in to the Colombian Presidential elections? I can’t. The rattle of tit for tat wars of words on the campaign trail ends up revealing aspersions with more than a grain of truth to them. “My … Continue reading

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